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Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair

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Tow Services Available 

Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair 

Onsite Truck & Trailer repair brings 25 plus years of experience to every truck and trailer. Our specialty is getting trucks back on the road as quickly as possible and at a fair price.  We know it’s ideal to get your repair performed onsite, so we’ve invested in the equipment to get it done when possible. If it’s necessary to get you in the shop, we bring you in with our own wrecker to save you time and money. 

Need to Get Back on the Road? 

When your truck breaks down carrying a load every second counts. You have customers waiting and owners stressing out. The last thing you want to do is spend the next week stuck waiting on a repair. When you can’t afford downtime you need an experienced diesel mechanic that’s mobile and knows his way around a semi-trailer truck. Even better, you need a diesel mechanic who can tow your truck to the shop when required.  

A diesel truck on the road, representing the type of vehicles serviced by Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair.

The Onsite Difference

Onsite Diesel Repair

When you break down on the roadside having an experienced diesel mechanic come to you saves valuable time. You don’t have to worry about transporting your truck and trailer to a repair shop, helping you avoid the costs of towing and storage. Onsite diesel repair is a personalized service where our head mechanic works directly with you to provide a cost effective repair to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

An experienced diesel mechanic performing an onsite repair on a broken down truck, illustrating the personalized service provided by Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

We understand the sticker shock you get with dealerships and other truck repair companies with large overhead. Onsite is a service based company. We don’t make a living on parts. We do everything we can to source the highest quality parts you need at the most reasonable price possible and don’t mark them up to pad our pockets.

Onsite Wrecker Service

If your repair cannot be completed roadside, we have an in-house wrecker that will tow you into our shop. This helps you avoid the headache of dealing with two companies who have different timelines and standards of service. Our wrecker service saves you time and because we know how to haul big trucks, and it mitigates your risk of further damage to your truck and trailer.

Diesel Repairs

Brakes / EGR/DPF Cleaning & Repair / Drivelines / Engines / HVAC / Exhaust / Suspension / Transmissions / Clutch / Alignment

Diagnostic & Electrical

Check Engine Lights / Trouble Codes / Computer Reprogramming / Batteries / Lights / Electrical Wiring  


Scheduled Maintenance / Contract Maintenance / Tire Rotation / Oil and Lube Service / Suspension Service

Hydraulic Repairs

Hydraulic pumps / Hydraulic Cylinders / Hydraulic Valves / Hydraulic System Installation

Trailer Repairs

Lights / Brakes / Landing Gear 

DOT Inspections

Onsite DOT inspectors have decades of experience and can ensure your truck is in compliance with all DOT regulations.

Get Back on the Road with Onsite


Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair is focused on minimizing your downtime. We do this by our onsite repairs, wrecker service, and regular fleet maintenance. When you can’t afford downtime put your trust in Onsite.

  • 25 years of experience
  • Hydraulic certified
  • Cummins Engine Certified
  • Heno Engine Certified